8 Simple Printer Maintenance Tips

8 Simple Printer Maintenance Tips

If you are about to purchase a printer from https://printq.nl/, it is time that you also know a few things about 10 simple printer maintenance tips to ensure the machine is always in a top-notch working condition.

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Printer Maintenance Tips

These simple tips, whether you own an inkjet or laser printer, will help you maintain the printer in a good working condition.

  1. One of the first things is to clean the print head at least once a month. For this, you can simply remove the cartridge and clean the head with warm water. It is recommended not to make use of alcohol or wet tissue for cleaning the print head. Thereafter, you can simply allow the print head to dry fully before you fix it back.
  2. Most printers tend to generate a lot of heat when they are on and therefore it is best to turn them off if you are not going to use them for a long time. Printers that are continuously on and not in use may cause wear and tear to other parts.
  3. It is also important to regularly clean the insides of the printer. For this, you can make use of lint-free clothes. It is important to remember here that you should not use too much force if you notice stubborn corners of grime. It is recommended to make use of soft bristles and moistened Q-tips for removing the grime. You can alternatively use compressed air (avoid using a vacuum) for blowing out the accumulated dust within the printer.
  4. A dry cartridge can result in unwanted wear and tear on the printer head. Therefore, it is best to replace cartridges before they dry up.
  5. You can even lift the hood and check inside for any possible broken or jammed parts. You may purchase a printer maintenance kit that can help you with cleaning fan and other parts that are prone to accumulation of dust and residual ink. It is extremely important to always remember that worn out parts must be only replaced by original parts that match the printer’s model.
  6. You should avoid buying cheap and generic cartridges from flea markets. We all know that refill cartridges are expensive but still as branded, good-quality cartridges are worth every penny.
  7. It is very important to first master the art of replacing cartridges by reading the instructions carefully. You should avoid touching the bottom area of the cartridge as this can spoil the quality of prints.
  8. It is important for you to download the latest drivers to keep the printer in a good working condition. A big majority of hardware malfunctions with printers are usually traced back to outdated drivers.

We hope that these simple printer maintenance tips were of great use to you.






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