An overview of the Apple training and tutorials

This training will help you learn how to go about using the various apple products and Mac apps. Also you can learn how to upgrade your apple software. Managing apple devices on a large scale isn’t a difficult task at all. The set up and configuration of every iOS device can be done automatically, which implies that there is no need for everyone to possess the knowledge of the IT department. But still there are Apple tutorials which can help you get to know the device more in detail. Let us take a look at a few of such courses.

1.       The iOS Deployment Essentials: this is a two – day course for students which provides them with an opportunity to grasp the skills, knowledge and tools that are essential to deploy the iOS devices. This course will teach you things like explaining what an Apple ID actually is and when can it be identified to be used. Also you learn about the designing and the implementing of the deployment solution for any given scenario.

·         Who should attend this? The technical sales professionals who help their customers while deciding to buy iOS devices and the professionals of IT who deploy and manage the various iOS devices.

2.       The iOS Security and Privacy workshop: this workshop is for around 4 hours where in the students will learn about the privacy and security technologies which are being built into iOS. This course explains the importance of a passcode for the device which helps in protecting the data of the user an the company. Also they will describe the various features that are built in the iOS devices. They will also discuss about the various misconceptions regarding the security and privacy of iOS. They will also help in planning the security and privacy strategy for successful deployment of iOS.

·         Who should attend this? The IT professionals who deploy the iOS devices and the sales professionals who help out their customers to choose iOS devices.

3.       The iOS Deployment essentials in Education: this basically is a two day course in which the participants will learn how one can identify and then respond to the challenges which occur when they deploy and manage the devices without the help of mobile device management (MDM). Also you will be able to define the role of the Apple School Manage and the tools of the classroom which are used in the deployment of the iOS devices.

·         Who should attend this? The IT professionals in the institutes of education who work with the deployment and manage the iOS devices. Also the administrators and teachers who are involved in the technical part of the institute’s deployment plan.






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