Enhancing Brain Using CogniFit Brain games

An Android developer, brain games has been operative for the last six years. The present application portfolio contains eleven applications, all listed in the health and fitness category. CogniFit is a well-known application and platform for test and brain games, which is top ranking in at least one country with over thousands of people installed on this one of the popular applications.

All the products are developed with teamwork by a team of engineers, scientists, psychologists, and neurologists combining ultra-modern brain science with Artificial Intelligence algorithms installed in the form of gamified cognitive tests and clinical trials.

Their brain stimulation tools and neuropsychological exploration rely on a patented methodology designed to train, measure, and accurately monitor cognitive abilities and their relationships with neurological pathologies. The fundamental technologies assess more than twenty-three core cognitive skills to provide an automatic understanding of the particular cognitive situation of each client, followed by personalized brain training support.

It is observed that regular brain training improves brain plasticity. Even if an individual does not realize it in daily life while reading a book, driving to work, or cooking that exercise the neurons. However, the brain of a human being tends to stimulate the portion that is in use but an individual stops stimulating these important parts. So it becomes necessary to have proper brain training for the smooth and proper functioning of the brain.

To make brain training more effective, it must be necessary for the person doing this exercise to look for the ideal moment when the brain is at its maximum level of activity.

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About Brain Fitness.

Just as physical fitness has become the main topic related to human well-being and health over the last decade, the advanced research of brain structure, organization, and function signals that brain fitness is rapidly grasping and is one of the critical areas of scientific investigation.

This is because analysis of the concept of brain fitness seems to cut across many major approaches that affect every aspect of human life such as memory, learning, plasticity, and environment.

At no other point in human culture have witnessed more important inter-generational divides in detail and experienced rapid technological and societal change that a significant portion of knowledge learned by the parents’ generation becomes obsolete for the next generation. This greatest change creates a need to incorporate new learning methods and develop new information processing circuits in the brain for updating a particular generation.