Importance Of Cyber Security

Facebook Scams And The Importance Of Cyber Security

According to a recent study conducted by Earning Report, Facebook alone has 2.85 million users in a month. The data is strong enough to prove and highlight the point that the site is the most popular social media platform having a network of millions of data worldwide. Such data, at the same time, also remains compromised. Earlier scams were associated with emails but today many scammers have realised the potential of such social media sites.

There have been numerous cases in distinct places in which social media users have been targeted with different scams and have been subjected to substantial loss. Here comes the importance of cyber safety.

Thereby, in this article, we will be discussing some of the most common scams and highlighting the significance of cyber safety. 

Fake Loans

Fake loans scams have been running for ages. Earlier emails and phone calls were the most common modes used by scammers and fraudulent to contact and propose a fake loan to the other person. While today Facebook has replaced the traditional model where scammers fake themselves as too good to be true loan agents offering loans easily with certain rates. Since the scammer will either contact you via message or share posts offering loans in broken English. Unlike other scams, these are easy to detect. 

Phishing Scams

These kinds of scams are also quite old but at the same time dangerous. It happens when hackers or cybercriminals will access your identity and data from social media sites and sell your information to places like the dark web for illegal activities. The scammer will send certain links or emails requesting login on your account or offering certain deals, asking you to submit your personal information including bank details, etc. 

Fake Accounts

Identity theft is a major concern. Social media platforms today are functioning on sharing data related to personal information, family and friends, identity, videos, travel history, likes, etc. At the same time, the site is a place to build a network of connections and stay connected. But you might never know who the other person is behind your friend or any previous colleagues’ profile picture. Scammers will create a mirror image of your known or even your account and send messages asking for money or information. 

Fake Links

Social media posts selling and advertising certain products or offering information etc. will have certain links asking to be clicked. But clicking them, you may land on a different bogus page ready to steal your information including your computer’s IP address. 

Why Is Cyber Safety Important?

With an increase in cybercrimes and attacks on almost every other digital platform, it has become immensely evident to acknowledge the importance of cyber security and implement cyber defence programs that are professionally designed and cover comprehensive safety procedures. These are meant for shielding as well as recovering data from being a target of cyber-attacks. Since social media sites have become a popular platform for businesses’ (no matter large or small) to establish their brand and advertise their products, they must employ cyber safety to defend their data and reputation against any breach. 


Given the present reliance and booming of technology, it is hard to underestimate the criticality of using a comprehensive cyber safety program for everyone.