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Fitness Tracker the best device as per the modern lifestyle

In the present scenario fitness trackers are one of the hottest segments in “wearables”. This fitness device came into the market a couple of years back, but still its popularity is growing at a rapid pace. The online market is flooded with different types of fitness trackers, it is really a difficult job to choose the best device especially if you are a novice. You can make a wise decision if you get all the information up front. A fitness tracker will help you maximize your fitness level and reduce the stress. When your physical activity will increase, you will realize that the quality of your sleep has improved. Garmin fitness tracker has all the features required as per the modern lifestyle.

Single Sensor or Multiple Sensors

The performance of your fitness tracker depends on the data collection of sensors. Some trackers are equipped with a single sensor, whereas some have two sensors to collect different information about your body. Manufacturers have designed these sensors to collect information like calories burned, steps walked and on this basis a fitness tracker will decide and direct you to do certain things.

The most common sensor which comes with fitness trackers is an accelerometer, which is designed to track motion. Nearly all the fitness trackers use this sensor to estimate simple motion-based metric like, steps you take. On the other hand, these trackers are limited in some way; they can give you some data only if there is a motion. They are merely dependent on the motion instead of reading psychological signs of your body.

These trackers cannot detect other activities because they have a single sensor. For example, they will not detect increased heart rate or sleep.

Fitness Tracker

It has been recorded that these fitness trackers which rely only on one sensor, they easily get confused. These trackers will keep on calculating the steps and calorie burn even if you are resting on the couch.

Multiple Sensors

Unlike single sensors fitness trackers which are loaded with more than one sensor can give a comprehensive picture of your health. They can record heart rate, perspiration, temperature, motion and a couple of other things as well. Garmin fitness tracker will provide a clear understanding as what is going in your body at present.

Heart Rate Monitor

If you are looking for a device to monitor your heart rate, you can opt for chest strap based device.

Chest strap based monitors are good for the sports and workouts and they are reliable also. They will monitor your heart rate during the physical activity and how much calorie you have burned during your fitness session. This kind of monitors will record heart rate only when you ask them to do. You need to turn on this feature to record the details. This will give you a clear understanding about your health. You can record it not only during weight training, but you can also do it when you are going out for jogging. This device will also help you to understand the side effects of a specific medicine on your health.





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