Functions of a Social Media Agency

Functions of a Social Media Agency

Most companies have decided to put an emphasis on their SMM (Social Media Marketing) to increase their online visibility.  Developing an online portal is essential for your company, but aside from having a website, you will need to widen your online reach with the help of social media platform.  Maintaining an active presence of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others is important to ensure the competitiveness of your business.A digital marketing agency willopen your business to the different marketing opportunities online.


The Main Functions of Social Media Agency


A social media agencywill allow you to connect to your targeted customers and streamline the marketing process of the business.  While this may sound like a simple job, the normal day of the social media manager involves a lot of works.  Content managers, brand ambassadors are some of the term used to describe social media manager.  He is responsible to take a demanding and hectic schedule while tweeting, posting content, sharing updates and increasing your presence.



Their Morning Schedule


An agency will usually start their day by checking their e-mail and scanning for the different posts.  Remember that the online world never sleeps and you have to constantly update yourself on the shifting trend.  There are different tools that they can use to determine the trending topic of the day which have a higher possibility to be shared by their followers.  After checking the interesting posts in their news feed, they will start to create informative posts.  They can then interact with their audience by sharing articles, retweeting, answering their comments and others.


After completing the minor tasks, the agency will compose an informative article that they can post on their blog site.  The article that they will create is normally based on the most recent news.  After publishing their materials, it is now time to share this content to their social media followers.  After completing this, they should check about the positive and negative remarks about their products.  They should also engage with their followers by answering their comments and replying to their messages.


Afternoon Schedule


After the social media manager takes a lunch break, there are still so many things left to do.  In case they have a YouTube account, they should update their followers by posting a new video.  They should also create a new post on their blog site and share it again with their followers.  The social media agency also has a conference microblogging that needs to be discussed.  Once this is done, it is time to create a follow-up by revisiting the different social media platforms and make sure that everything is proceeding as planned. 


Evening Schedule


At night, most of the work done by any agency is focussed on reviewing.  They should analyse the effectiveness of their strategy by measuring the bounce rate, engagement level and traffic using social media tools.  They should also create scheduled posts that will be posted while they are sleeping.  Before they go to sleep, they should re-check their e-mail about any updates.


As you can see, the work of an online marketing agency is not as easy as you may think.  Choosing to outsource the agency is a cost-effective way to deal with this time-consuming task.


Credit: Thank you to Bravr for contributing to this article. Bravr are an online marketing agency focussing on SEO and Social Media.






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