How to Convert and Edit Confidential PDF Doc

PDF format comes with many benefits. It was created for easy document conversion, and its primary benefit is that it the document similarly irrespective of the application of OS and software. It only takes a few minutes to create, secure and compact. Currently, PDF is the standard document that is mostly used for various purposes. However, it also comes with multiple disadvantages like, they cannot be edited since it is mainly for viewing.

How to convert PDF files

It is to convert PDF format to DOC and other formats with the online converter. You don’t have to be an expert since the entire conversion process is easy and quick if you follow below steps correctly:

  • Visit the program website and download this program. Once you’ve already installed it on the computer, choose the file that you want to convert by clicking an add file button. Smart file converter supports the conversion of the batch, which means it can manage to convert multiple documents at once.
  • Select the desired conversion format. The smart converter supports various formats, like HTML, DOC, XLS, TXH, TIFF, and JPEG.
  • Choose the folder you would want to save your file and click convert. It is that simple, and also, your file can be edited.

The smart free converter also comes with additional features that allow the user to specify a conversion method or a converted file choice. For instance, users can decide to select between Flowing and extract conversion method. The exact method can keep the document in a fixed position to prevent any possible accident that may ruin the document layout.

How to create a PDF file

After you’ve already mad the changes, you can now convert your file back PDF format. With Smart onlineconvertfree, you can execute this as easy as clicking a few buttons. All you have to do is to right-click a file, choose the convert PDF format and the program work the remaining for you.  Besides, you are offered a various alternative you can choose from.

Create Password for your document

There are two types of password you can use to secure your file; either owner password or user password. If you choose a user password, you cannot open the document without it while the owner password is typically used to modify the document as well as changing the access permissions.

Setting the encryption level

If you choose low encryption level, you will create your document much faster. However, the confidential document is recommended for high encryption level. This will guarantee that the file can never be accessed by unauthorized persons. With the later Acrobat Version,high encryption is much challenging to work and break.






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