How to Recover Deleted Files From a Flash Drive

How to Recover Deleted Files From a Flash Drive

Portable storage has always taken place both in the business and for personal use. It cannot be denied that a portable disk is a fast and efficient means to transfer and exchange data and files with each other, especially in our days when a flash drive, flash drive or USB drive is capable of transferring much more data than the old ones. In the technological versions, the flash drives were also used to store data and files, in addition to the general purpose that it usually performs.

However, there are times when someone suffers a deletion or loss of files on a USB flash drive. Especially if there are important files inside, it is extremely important that someone can retrieve them, in other words, there will be problems.

About flash drives

A USB flash drive is a storage device that connects to a computer through a USB (universal serial bus) port, which all computers currently have. Unlike previous versions of portable drives, such as floppy drives that require a dedicated port, you can connect a USB drive almost anywhere, since many computers (both Mac and PC) have at least one or two USB ports. .

Reasons why files are lost or deleted

But, why are the files on USB drives lost or deleted? What are the causes of such accidents? One of them is the life of a USB drive. It is common sense that any electronic device suffers wear and eventually burn (sometimes literally) due to its simple use and reuse for many years. This can happen to anyone. The average life of a USB drive is about 10 years and, although they are relatively cheap, they are the data that makes them valuable, and losing this data can be a big problem for you.

how to recover deleted files from flash drive

Steps to save your data

There is a saying that “prevention is better than cure”, so it is worth taking measures to avoid situations in which your data are at risk.

  • One important tip is to always remove the flash drive correctly. In the lower right corner of the screen, in the taskbar, there is a small icon in which you can “safely remove” your portable USB drive. You can also select the unit in “My Computer”, right click on the unit and click “Eject”.
  • Another way is to store important files in more permanent backup copies, instead of simply leaving them in a USB drive. In addition to the accidents that can lead to the loss of data on your flash drive, there is also the possibility that you simply lose the entire flash drive, and no amount of search software can recover your data.
  • Speaking about how to recover deleted files from flash drive, if you ever lose data on a flash drive, consider using software to search for data (there are many more effective) instead of thinking about hiring the company’s data search services.

How to recover deleted files from a flash drive – step by step

  1. Search and download data recovery software. After download, install it on your system.
  1. Start the software and select the option “Recover data from the flash drive”.
  1. Let the software scan your flash drive and show you the list of files that you previously deleted.
  1. Once the scan is complete, it will show you a list of files that you can recover.
  1. Select the files you want to restore and start the recovery process.






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