How to select industrial cameras

The best performing technology includes an interchangeable high resolution, line scan camera system, which can be easily configured and easily used for all production inspections.It is also cost effective if the supplier is able to provide everything needed for inspection and defect detection Learn more about the specifications and usage of a high speed camera in Malaysia here.

How to use vision systems

Industrial cameras can be used for automatic production visual inspections in all industries including automotive, electronics, medical, food and packaging.

The CV-X Series allows you to carry out presence / absence checks, position, defects, assembly, character recognition and much more.

Cameras for any type of application

KEYENCE allows you to choose from 22 types of industrial cameras to select the model suitable for the visual inspection and defect control activity and in relation to the speed of the production line and the available space.

high speed camera

How the CV-X system works

The Vision System combines an ultra-fast CCD or CMOS camera, high intensity ring illumination and advanced processing tools to improve performance in any automation process.

This machine vision technology, consisting of a wide range of matrix cameras, lights and controllers to solve all various industrial control and inspection applications. Consistent standardization made it possible to meet all speed and capacity requirements with 8 different controller variants without sacrificing flexibility and cost efficiency.

The LJ-V Series can also be connected for 3D profile measurement.

High photosensitivity, automatic gain adjustment for extreme contrasts, multiple pixel exposure in unpredictable lighting conditions, flexible resolution and speed, “Freeze Frame” shutter are the salient features of the new camera proposed by iMAGE S: an innovative technology for maximum flexibility and efficiency in light management.

You no longer need to worry about lighting conditions when studying a machine vision application. Image S, a leading company in the Italian market as a supplier of products for Image Processing intended for various markets (industrial, medical and scientific), presents EoSens, the first high-speed camera with a sensitivity of 2500 ISO / ASA, which offers full potential new in high-speed inspection and monitoring applications. In fact, even in poor lighting conditions, EoSens is able to acquire images at high speed without the aid of very high intensity illuminators.

EoSens returns images with well-defined details even in the presence of strong contrast, with undoubted advantages for all image acquisition and processing applications. It is possible to acquire up to 7 images with different exposure times in order to subsequently choose the one that best suits the application. When lighting conditions are unpredictable or otherwise variable, such as in outdoor applications that capture images around the clock, EoSens is the high-speed camera that “sees it all”.