Generally you may think yourself; your internet browsing is not certainly the private affair. Each of your networks is being tracked, along with the browsing history, your blogs, your chats, and the forum posting. Even though you may be using the internet within the secrecy of your home, nothing is that secret. All your communications with the internet can be known by simply knowing the networks ip address.

IP refers to Internet Protocol. All computers which are being connected to the network are provided an IP address by the service providers. The IP address is actually the collection of four numbers. The first number in the IP address refers your domain, the second number indicates the subnets, the third number refers to tour network, and the significant fourth number indicates the host computer. By simply at these four numbers of the IP address, we are able to find on which computer this belongs to.


Whenever you logged in to the internet, this IP address will communicate to the WWW. While this happens, then this indicates that your computer is vulnerable to tracking. If you are visiting some websites, with the help of IP address this can be found out which computer has accessed certain website and when they have accessed. Like these accurate info can be known by simply knowing the IP address. All you have to do is simply pasting the IP address of the system. Not only the website info can be getting through this website, but also they are providing many services such as basic parameters, traceroute, whois, and the ping ip.

If you are operating in your PC, then by using this tool one can find out name, telephone number, age, email id, address, and some other identifying details. In other words we can say that, by knowing the IP address one can easily know detailed information of the person who are accessing to it. Many have been tracking the IP address in the recent days.

Why these IP addresses tracked? The answer is simple; it is just for creating an added security. When the internet was instituted, the system of identifying the computer with IP address will also begin. The IP address tracking have been mainly meant for defense purpose, so that no one can take the illegal advantage of internet. This process is continued even today, with the only difference which this has become more refined.

Most of the people get all hurt up while they hear about IP address. But, there are many positive sides while using these tools. We can also trace the route of the person, who is using the IP address; this is also made possible through this tool. All you have to do is simply enter the IP address of the system and by entering you can find many details about certain IP such as host name, connection speed, city and state in which the IP address belongs to. Like this information one can find out many things with fraction of second. So, if you are in trouble to find out the details of the IP address just click on to the websites.






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