IPad Mini 4

IPad Mini 4 with cool design and powerful performance

For most people, the first thing they think of when they open up the box to their brand new Mini 4 isn’t its protection. They’re more worried about synching it, downloading the best apps, and figuring out its camera settings. But you aren’t just anyone. You know that as soon as you lift the Mini 4 out of its box, you’re opening it up to risks that could damage its cool design and powerful performance. Mighty it may be called; this iPad is still a sensitive, delicate, and expensive piece of technology. It needs all your help.

The knowledge that the Mini can be damaged has brought you here, on the Internet searching out your best options. All of your research has brought you to three possibilities – smart covers, plastic cases, and vinyl skins. As the fully-endorsed Apple product, the smart cover is the most official choice, but it is in no means the best. After clipping it into its magnetic slots, the cover only conceals the touch screen. Admittedly, it keeps the vulnerable screen safe from scratches when not in use, but it does little to protect the rest of the Mini. Meanwhile, plastic cases are little more than bulky brief cases for your iPad, large and awkward casings that conceals the sleek, minimalist Apple design while the Mini bounces around in its container.

Your third option – the iPad Mini 4 skin – is by far the best one. Unlike the smart cover, it protects the Mini’s backing, bezels, and buttons to ensure everything is safe – including the hardware. Meanwhile, it doesn’t compromise its design or function like a plastic case would. Cut with precision from a form fitting 3M vinyl, a Mini 4 skin is a strong defense in a tiny package. Adding little to no extra dimension to the Mini, it preserves the slender look of the iPad.

IPad Mini 4

Perhaps the best thing about iPad skins (2nd only to their protective powers) is how stylish they can be. There’s a reason why you went with an Apple product over any other PC tablet, and that’s because of how it looks. Apple and its team of dedicated designers have created a sleek and minimalist look to all of their devices. The Mini 4 is no different, so the skin you want has to be just as fashionable as the original design itself. The best iPad Mini 4 skins at dbrand.com come in a variety of colors and looks that you can customize to your tastes and Mini! They have matte black and white options that aren’t ostentatious and coincide with the Apple style, and they also have vibrant and eye-catching designs to totally flip the Mini’s style on its head.

Finding just one might be hard, so it will come as a blessing to find out that iPad Mini 4 skins are affordable enough for you to buy two, three, or a whole fleet of them. Get one for every mood, occasion, and wardrobe to get the most out of your Mini. However many you choose in whatever style, you’ll know one thing for sure. You iPad Mini 4 will be protected and as safe as if it were still in the box that it came in.






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