Is Digital Illustration And Animation Relevant In 2018?

There’s no doubt that technology improved our lives for the past decades. The use of paper continuous to dwindle down as more private and public sectors rely on computers and the cloud storage. Traditional art also evolved with the use of electronic devices to design and draw illustrations including animation – generally called digital design. A person mastering digital design knows digital illustration and animation as well. But with the influx of digital designers from all over the world, is the skill of digital illustration and animation still relevant in 2018?

Of course – it’s a no-brainer

Hell yeah. Regardless whether it’s standalone animation or digital illustration, the fact is, it’s still relevant in the upcoming years. The movies you watch with realistic but unreal movements is part of an animation. The awesome outfits of superheroes required numerous digital illustrations before hitting the big screen. Every single fantasy element that you see from a movie involves digital illustration and animation. If you’re planning to be a digital designer, you can start but commitment is key to go further.

Separate Yourself From The Crowd

Although digital illustration and animation are still relevant, not all digital designers are – it’s a tough pill to swallow. Even if you’re a certified digital designer, you need to separate yourself from the crowd. It doesn’t matter what aspect but one key is creativity. Design and animation involve creativity. We’re not only talking about creative design here, but also the creativity behind your ideas. Be creative in every aspect of digital design and you’re going to gain interest from people. Always go a bit further and don’t forget the little things. People tend to forget the small things but in reality, it’s what impresses people.

Do You Need The Most Expensive Devices?

 No. While it’s true that devices made for digital design can improve the process of designing, it’s not required unless it’s a special task. Tablets are the most common for digital designers. Instead of paper, you can draw from the screen with the use of a stylus. What you need there are the tablet and stylus itself. Do you need the state-of-the-art features of the high-end type? No. Instead of focusing on features, focus on what you need. For example, having the longer battery life to be more productive in your work. Again, it’s what you need, not what you want.

To wrap things up, digital design and animation are here to stay. If you have the passion for it and the urge to go beyond what’s needed, making a mark in the industry is a sure bullseye for you.






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