Is Shopify Really the Best Website Builder for Ecommerce

One of the great things about Shopify is that you can make it as complicated or as easy as you like to manage. Some people only need a simple Shopify page with just a handful of products. This makes sense because if you only have a few products to manage and customers, then you will have no problems making the number of sales you want to make.

However, if you have multiple products and a business idea in which you do not have a market to sell your product too just yet, then you should consider hiring a company to help you build your Shopify site and its marketing.

How Do I Decide on Shopify Over WooCommerce or NopCommerce?

There are tons of e-commerce sites out there. WooComeerce is the WordPress version of Shopify in a roundabout way. AlthoughWooComm can take a lot of configuration, there are constant updates, and take a fair amount of administration time to manage.

Sites such as NopCommerce or Magento also require their own designated amount of time and effort to learn the code, features, and functions. You would only use these sites if you are someone like Argos or Littlewoods online shopping store. You can imagine that these websites turn over huge amounts of business and therefore need a solution that comes with huge overheads for a development team.

Consequently, Shopify is for people that do not want to pay or cannot afford to pay huge fees to a web developer in order to get the site up and running as well as for maintenance.

Why is Shopify So Much Simpler in Comparison to The Other Example Given Here?

You should check out some Shopify website reviews to find out more about what people have to say about Shopify as well as read about tests people have performed on the website builder as well as look at people’s success stories using Shopify.

Some clear benefits of Shopify that we can mention here are:

·         Fully mobile and desktop responsive site

·         24/7 support team (you are not left to get on with it alone)

·         A wealth of learning materials available online

·         Built-inpayment system

·         Easy to manage categories and product tags

The ease of use and its features and flexibility are perfect for those looking to start their first e-commerce website. The price is also quite reasonable, and what’s more is that you get a free trial to see whether you like it.

Can I Brand the Website or Am I Limited to What I can Do?

Very rarely can a website builder gain a loyal following by restricting people from using its branding ideas. The whole idea of having a Shopify website is to build your own brand. You can choose your colours, your logo, and use your own content to tell consumers exactly what your business is all about.

Where Can I find Reviews About Shopify’s E-commerce Website?

You can check this site out here: Shopify store reviews. Here you will find the pros and cons of using Shopify as well as read about what people have to say about what is becoming the world’s number one e-commerce website builder.

Once you have started your own Shopify website, then you should also consider sharing your experience by giving your own Shopify website review to help people that are in the same position as you are now.

Finally, just to reiterate, Shopify comes with a free trial, so you have nothing to lose.






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