Is your system sending a print to the unwanted printer?

There are many areas where the combination of computer and printer is used to complete the task. Hence people, particularly in offices, keep various printers connected to almost every system. There are many people who just see a printer nearby and think that it must be connected to the concerned system and so send the document for the printing. If the right printer is not selected obviously the print will go to any concerned printer. But many times one feels that he has selected the right printer, and still the document was not printed by the same printer.

It really surprises but at the same time also irritates that how to stop it. Well, there are a few steps that you can check and see if it helps. For this, you need to know  how to stop your windows from sending a print to the wrong printer.  Many times you may think that it is the job of an expert only, but there are a few steps that can prove much helpful at such stage and help you save time as well as good amount of money which you may have to pay to an expert for his service in this regard. Here are a few steps provided that can help the user to get over this situation and make the system work perfectly.  Before calling an expert just try these steps to get a printout urgently.


  • Check the option of add printer. As soon as you get the option, just make a check and take some more steps.
  • For this, you need to check the operating system first. In the case of Windows 7 just click on start and check the option of Devices and printers. While in the Windows XP you need to click on start and select the option of Printers and Faxes. If you are using Windows Vista, search the option from control panel. Here you will get the option of Hardware and Sound in which the option of Printer is provided. Just make a right click on it and turn it to a default printer.
  • In this step, just make a right click on the icon of the printer from the menu. Here you will get the option of Set as default printer. Now you need to select the printer which you want to have print from and turn it as a default printer so that whenever you offer the print, you will get it from the same printer only. In the case of change of the operating system, there can be a change of the location of the concerned printer, but one can hunt it from search option.
  • These steps are usually much result oriented and can prove much helpful to a user to set a default printer from the operating system using the option of the default

In case despite all these actions, the system does not stop from sending the document to the wrong printer, just call an expert as it may be a technical issue.






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