Basics of Wireless Routers

Know The Basics of Wireless Routers

People nowadays are too dependent on the internet. Since we are in the technology era, it became a part of our existence. with the birth of smart devices, the wireless internet could be easily connected. Internet-connected homes make use of the wireless router and this becomes a standard of every home for almost all of us.

Need a Wireless Router?

Big Yes! Everyone needs it to be able to connect to the internet using a wireless device including our phone. It’s not actually a bad idea to use cables to attach to the internet. After all, we are used to it. However, there are times that you wanted to move your devices to a new place. You cannot just extend the ethernet cable all over the house. That would be too funny and super tiresome too.

ip address of wireless routerModels and Versions:.

Now I am pretty sure that this time you need to know how to get ip address of wireless router. Today the market is full of wireless routers. It has a lot of versions and models of your choice. If you just want to attach gadget in your home, any regular wireless router would do. You can find cheapest ones on the market that would suit your budget..but if you want to have a full control of the bandwidth that your gadgets are receiving, it would be wise to choose a wireless router with quality service.

Types of WLAN:

There are two types of wireless routers. Single and dual-band wireless routers. Dual-band wireless routers – the signals are powerful and ideal for big places with many users. Single band wireless routers – the signals are weak and ideal for small houses and offices. Dual-band wireless routers are better than the single band. But most wireless routers available in the market nowadays is the dual band. Seldom can you find the single-band wireless router?

Security Features on a Router:

There are two categories on a router security features, The first category refers to its features that protect you against attacks from unkind individuals from the web. The second category refers to the router’s features to prevent unauthorized access to your internet connection.

The internet has become a part of everyone life regardless of age. It would be convenient to all of us if we could give a part of our Gadget to wireless routers. I am sure that you will not regret once you have one. So, start to get it now.





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