MilesWeb Review: The Ultimate Reseller Hosting to Start Your Web Hosting Business

If you’re trying to start out your hosting business however monetary and alternative restrictions have, then you’ve landed on the correct page. Reseller hosting is one in all the foremost standard media to start your low cost nonetheless profitable hosting business. You only got to place the usd on the correct horse to reach this race.

However if you’re a greenhorn during this arena, then you would possibly be nonplused with this language of “Reseller Hosting.” nothing to fret although. Allow us to 1st check out what specifically this suggests, and the way can it assist you to start out your reasonable nonetheless profitable hosting business.

What is Reseller hosting? However will it work? 

Reseller hosting is analogous to any retail business that you simply do your daily business with, for daily wants. Take a retail market for example; the owner of any grocery look isn’t the manufacturer or perhaps domestic animal of any of the product accessible at his or her store. they need various World Health Organization sellers who offer them sure product at a wholesale rate then, the retail merchant sells them to you at a retail worth which incorporates some ratio. Similarly, in reseller hosting, you get hosting area and resources from a hosting provider (who acts just like the wholesaler) to separate it amongst your purchasers as per their wants. Also, like mercantile establishment owner adds his or her ratio to the product offered, in reseller hosting you’ll be able to draft and style your plans and worth them as per your profit concerns. (You act as a retailer)

In general, reseller hosting is taken into account largely by net developers, designers, and people who’ve had a good quantity of expertise within the hosting field as a hosting possibility. It doesn’t mean that you simply ought to have radical information of the online hosting field to start out your hosting business with reseller hosting. Several hosting suppliers offer correct client support even to the purchasers of their reseller hosting account holders. Allow us to think about and review one such best reseller hosting provider: MilesWeb.

MilesWeb: a quick 

MilesWeb is one in all the leading hosting service suppliers in India. Since the commencement of its operations in 2012, the corporate has got to date with success served around twenty 8000+ customers and still reckoning. I’ve aforesaid “successfully” as a result of reviews of their customers and therefore the awards and accolades awarded to them say therefore.

MilesWeb Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans

Control Panel: Intuitive and easy cPanel or control board could be a requirement for correct management and functioning of any project. With reseller hosting, if you’ll be able to manage the domains of your purchasers simply then it becomes a carefree service for you singly as your work is well sorted. Similarly, for your consumer, it’ll be a stand-out feature that you simply can give. beside this, you furthermore may get to manage emails, information measure and space simply. a bearing panel additionally permits you to suspend, terminate or unsuspend any client’s account.

Email Services: you’ll be able to simply produce unlimited email accounts as you get the support for POP3/IMAP email accounts with webmail that permits you to access emails from anyplace at any time.

Latest SSD storage: SSD with its latest flash technology allows you to store your web site knowledge quicker, that reciprocally minimizes the time period.

Host unlimited domains and websites: MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans stand out collectively of the most affordable reseller hosting services. At the provided worth purpose with no restrictions of domains and websites hosted on the servers, it’s well worth the investment.

Free SSL: With free SSL certification, the protection of your client’s web site is full proof. It will even build the trust issue for garnering a lot of customers for your hosting business.

Malware and Scan protection: MilesWeb provides you a malware scan and protection tool to secure your web site from malware and viruses.

One-click installer: you’ll be able to install apps from around 400+ accessible apps in one click, creating the method simple and quick.

Web Host Manager (WHM): WHM provides admin access with that you’ll be able to modify your client’s accounts with ease. It even allows you to manage and make cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails and information.

Additional options

WHMCS: WHMCS is that the most well-liked request tool used for hosting businesses. It automates request procedures and alternative daily operations furthermore. You’ll be able to purchase WHMCS from MilesWeb at associate optimum rate that works okay with their UNIX operating system reseller hosting plans.

Reseller Add-ons: you’re absolve to sell hosting add-ons therefore on add a lot of profit. MilesWeb will supply add-ons like SSD reseller hosting, SSL certificate, dedicated hosting, domain registration, backup, etc. you’ll be able to utilize these add-ons as your distinctive mercantilism propositions and increase your ratio.

Reseller Backup: the web site backup and restore service is one in all the foremost required propositions of not simply reseller, however any style of hosting. As we all know that mishaps and mistakes will happen at any purpose in time, and nobody needs to lose vital and self-curated knowledge at any value. In such instances, the backup and restore service acts as a blessing in disguise.

The Final Word

If you’re trying to line your own path within the hosting sector, then you must positively think about one which is able to enhance your service by continuously being up to the mark with their service and products; and World Health Organization else than a hosting service supplier like MilesWeb to be the proper partner to start out with.