Most common cell phone repairs

Most common cell phone repairs

As latest models of phones are brought into the market, they are more prone to damages and their repair is also possible. There is a repair solution for every part of the problem. No matter if your screen in damaged or your power button is damaged, there is the solution for every type of problem.

You may not have too much of idea about these repairs, but the repair technician surely knows his job. Once you visit a repair center, they will analyze the problem of your smartphone and repair it accordingly. One such repair center is We have provided the most common cell phone repairs which you should know about.

Screen Replacement

This is the most common type of cell phone repairs. This type of repairs is done in all repair shops. These include faulty screens, partially or fully cracked or shattered screens. In some cases, if the screen in cracked in a particular portion of the screen, that portion could be repaired even without repairing the entire screen. has solutions to all your cellphone problems.

The Home Button

The latest smartphones have the home button on the screen but the older models have the home screen just below the portion where the screen ends. Most of the people consider it to be useless, but when the button is damaged, its true potential is realized. It is a very vital part of the entire phone. So if this is damaged, it should be repaired. Its repairing is also done in almost all the repair centers.

Most common cell phone repairs

The Power Button

This button is not used as frequently as the others, but yet it is still prone to damages. Using this button, you can restart, switch off, or lock your phone. These are considered to be oneof the most important parts of a cell phone and thus its repair is done in all repair centers.

Charging Port

This is one of the most used parts of the phone. This is the port which is likely to be used atleast once a day and sometimes even more. Thus, the chances of wearing out of this part are very high. Using another non-recommended cable or twisting the cables when not in use could be one of the causes of damage to the port. There is a charger point which can break down or could strike inside the port. This could create a lot of problem with your phone. So it is advisable that you take your hone to the repair center as soon as possible.


It is not necessary for you to know these types of cell phone repairs. However, a little information isn’t going to hurt you much.






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