In the world of digital marketing and innovation, organic traffic comes to your website from unpaid sources or researches like the Google search bar, Bing, and Yahoo which tremendously plays a huge role in the success of your chosen business or site.

In fact, according to some research done online, it showed that over 60-percent of the total traffic on a website represents organic traffic where the entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is built around organic search traffic which mainly aimed to improve the organic ranking of the website owners.

Maybe it would be the perfect time to talk about the benefits and the importance of organic traffic and why a lot of businesses and organizations rely on it.

Organic traffic comes in two different types, real human traffic, and the non-human traffic.

The real human traffic is the one that is usually paid traffic, where the site benefits from the number of clicks from the other sources like the automated machines. For instance, in PPC, a lot of people are using a software to increase the number of clicks to attempt to earn more from the traffic generated from it.

The non-human traffic meanwhile, does not rely on conversion rate to earn income, therefore to implement an organic traffic or an organic SEO to your website, you will earn real site visitors and traffic from real humans unlike real human traffic where the ‘real’ humans generate the clicks artificially compared to non-human traffic where humans are the actual visitors voluntarily.

The permanent ranking, on the other hand, is the number of visitors that come from the paid traffic which dries up due to inconsistency in terms of promotions by drawing the traffic itself to the website. If you are planning to rank your website using the organic and natural methods or techniques, it would be difficult for your fellow competitors to outperform you in the field of search engines.

However, you should not compromise the quality of your website, its contents, and the accessibility, and the interactive content that makes each visitors worth it of their experience. The ranking of your website will continue to increase its improvement as long as you can meet the needs and wants of your clients and site visitors and also the relevance of your content to the search engines that is why organic traffic coming from SEO’s are very important.

Another aspect that makes organic traffic important is that it is a proven reliable source for market sharing. Most of the people who check online usually read reviews or watch videos of product and service reviews and ratings before they decide to avail of the service or buy the product.

Due to the continuing growth and tremendous improvement in our technology, more and more people are using search engines to look for their needed services and products which is very obvious if you are to think that if you rely only on old style marketing you will get left behind with your competitors. Therefore, you should step up your marketing strategy by innovating and to buy organic traffic method to increase your presence online and draw more customers.






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