Outsourcing your Software developers

Want to expand your business into softwares and application but don’t have the technical know-how to do so? Do not fret, because you are not the only one. Most companies today hire companies which offer software development services, instead of relying to their own staff. But have no worries when you’re looking for a software developer as there are a plethora of them out there waiting for you job order. In this article we shall discuss the process of hiring your own outsource software developers and what should you know before hand.

What is the outsourcing process?

Laying down the idea

The first step of outsourcing software developer would be laying down the ideas you have for the project. These are your goals and expectations, your deadline and your budget. Your communication with the developer must be sustained too until the end of the creation process or even after the app goes live. With this, you can ensure that the both of you understands the work needs to done. The developer would also lay down his or her realistic quote on the budget and how he can do your soon-to-be application.

The application

The next part of the process would be talking about the application itself. Both of you will need to have a clear picture of how the app will work, what are its features, what will be the look of the app, how will the clients get the app. This will be the capabilities the system could offer and take note that with each new quirk, it will increase the work for the software developer so remember not to go overboard with unrealistic expectations. Even then, a competent developer will tell you if the said idea would not work.

The coding process

With everything that is being planned out, the developer will now proceed to coding the application itself. This process will have varying time frames which depend on the the features of the application. It will also vary depending on the number of developers working on the project. If you are employing one, it might take longer, but if you’re employing a team, it might take the coding process shorter but will probably cost a little more.

Going Live

After the product is finished, the application and software will be going live, or will be stored in CDs for distribution. This will be mainly handled by your company instead of the outsourced software developers, but they will have to deal with the troubleshooting and if it’s included in the contract, they will also have to deal with the upkeep and maintenance of your application. As there is no such thing as done application, you should be ready for the maintenance and upkeep of the application you are going to launch.







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