Satellite TV

Satellite TV Widely accessible with many benefits

Are you thinking of subscribing to a TV service provider? You’ll probably be faced with the option of subscribing to satellite TV or cable TV.

Satellite TV was launched over 50 years ago. Since then, the industry has grown to provide services to over 30 million subscribers according to the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA).

Why is Satellite TV so popular? If you’re considering a switch to Satellite TV, you may be interested in its many benefits. They are as follows:

  • Widely accessible

Satellite TV works through the application of satellites. The signals are transmitted through a geostationary or geosynchronous satellite located in space revolving around the earth. You simply need to aim the receiving dish/antenna to the satellite.

Satellites signals can be broadcast to a huge geographical expanse. This means that satellite TV is available over a larger area. Because of the delivery method of the signals, consumers can access high definition television even when living in hard-to-reach or unwired terrain. Unlike cable and other service providers, satellite TV is already available to 100% of the population. You can access satellite TV and broadband from just about any location in the country.

  • More affordable

One of the greatest benefits of choosing satellite TV is that it is more affordable than many other types of TV services. The actual price of the service however will depend on the package or tier you select. It is therefore important to compare packages and determine that which is most affordable to you. In general however, satellite TV packages are more affordable than cable TV packages.

Opting for satellite TV also means you’ll save on the equipment and installation costs. You only need a dish and a few meters of cable to begin receiving satellite TV. However, installing cable TV involves laying several meters of cable. If you live in an area that is yet to be serviced, you may spend even more to bring the cable services closer to home.

  • More variety in channels

Whether you’re a movie fanatic or football buff, you’ll appreciate the variety that satellite TV offers. Satellite TV offers a wider variety of channels compared to other TV services. You will have access to both international and local channels no matter where you are located.

Satellite TV

The actual number of channels you receive will depend on the package you subscribe to. Check with your provider to ensure that you get a package that meets your needs.

  • Better picture quality

Cable TV works by receiving signals from satellites and transmitting the signals through cables to your TV. This occurs over several kilometers of cable. Satellite TV offers you a direct link to the satellite. Satellite TV therefore offers you better picture quality as the signal travels a shorter distance through cable to your TV. There is less degradation to the signal compared to that in the case of cable TV.

If you’re considering satellite TV, be sure to compare the different packages available on top providers such as Dish Network.






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