Singapore has the World’s Fastest Broadband Speed

More than half the population of the world has smartphones. More than two thirds of the world populace has mobile phones. In Singapore, nine out of ten people have smartphones. Internet penetration is well over 85%. To put things in global perspective, the internet penetration is similar to the United States, much better than that of China and way ahead of India. Japan beats Singapore with its internet penetration vis-à-vis population at around 95%, so is the United Kingdom. Germany too has more than 90% internet penetration. But when it comes to broadband speed, Singapore is the undisputed winner.

Singapore has the world’s fastest broadband speed. Two different fixed broadband speed tests have put Singapore at the numero uno spot. One test was conducted by Ookla, popularly known as Ookla’s Net Index. Ookla is based in the United States. The other test was conducted and the result was published by, owned by Existent Ltd. and based in England. The surfing speed clocked on computers stood at 154.38 Mbps. The speed for mobile internet is however not the fastest in the world. This can be attributed to the cityscape and the skyscrapers in particular that block telecom signals. tested and studied the broadband speeds of a hundred and eighty nine countries around the world for a period of twelve months. Singapore emerged as the undisputed winner allowing its internet users to download a high definition movie, size 7.5 GB, in eighteen minutes and thirty four seconds. If you were to download the same movie in Yemen, it would take you longer than two days. Many experts have cited the city-state’s thriving economy and relatively small size to be the primary reasons why internet penetration is so high and the population as the factor allowing for more available bandwidth. Those reasons notwithstanding, it is definitely an accomplishment Singaporeans can be proud of. The mean download speed studied was over twelve months so it was not a sporadic speed attained at a given point in time.

In addition to the fascinating speed, the cost of broadband internet in Singapore is substantially reasonable given the high competition. High speed broadband is almost unaffordable for the middle and lower middle classes in many countries around the world.  While Singapore takes the top spot with a mean download speed of 55.13 Mbps and can allow one to download a 7.5 GB movie in 18:34 minutes, users in Sweden enjoy a mean download speed of 40.16 Mbps and can download the same movie in 25:30 minutes. Taiwan is third, Denmark is fourth and the Netherlands is fifth with speeds 34.4 Mbps, 33.54 Mbps and 33.52 Mbps respectively. The top ten is rounded off with Latvia, Norway, Belgium, Hong Kong and Switzerland. Japan takes the twelfth spot. It would take you 41:51 minutes to download the same movie in Japan. The United States takes the twenty fifth spot and it would take you 51:13 minutes to download the said movie. All other Asian countries including China, India, Thailand and Malaysia took longer than an hour for the same download.

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