Smart City HK-A Leading Smart City

Smart City HK-A Leading Smart City

Hong Kong is a leading city in the world. It is a major world tourist destination and a leading world shopping destination. Hong Kong is one of the world’s most busy cities. With a bustling population of 7.3 million, it has become one of the world’s major thriving metropolises. The city boasts of some of the world’s major infrastructural development and modern lifestyle. However, with all these attractions and facilities, the city faced some severe problems due to the increased population and usage of natural resources. To counter these problems the administration has come up with smart ideas and solutions that are just exceptional. These smart solutions have resulted in smart city hk.

What is a smart city?

A smart city is a technology drive urban human setup that makes use of various kinds of electronic internet of things sensors to gather data and information and then use the details from the data manage assets, resources and services efficiently.We need to embrace smart manufacturing and build more smart cities if we want to get away with all these urban problems.

The data is collected from citizens, various devices, and assets which are then processed and analyzed to be used in various systems such as traffic management, health management, power plants, utilities, water supply management, waste management, schools, offices, and other major institutions. Smart cities make life and functions easier.

Hong Kong has started many technology-driven programs as a part of the smart city blueprint. These programs involve many smart and efficient solutions to the city’s common problems and help its citizens lead an easy and productive day to day life. Let’s have a detailed look at this.

smart city hk

Smart id cards for citizens

The administration of Hong Kong has started to issue smart id cards to its citizens. The residents can enroll from a mobile device and then can benefit from various government services through this smart id. The id is verified by the central database of the immigration department. This is not a complete replacement to the physical id but very beneficial for the residents as it helps them to access all government services from one id card.

Open data dashboard

Hong Kong is accepting open data concept and is releasing more and more data to be used by developers all the time. Very soon this year, this web based dashboard will be available to the local residents of the city, surfacing some of that open data information such as parking lot availability, weather data, and traffic information. In the upcoming days, Hong Kong’s public transit organization will be making it’s trip data available as an open data set adding to the glean.

With increasing population and decreasing resources, it becoming hard to lead a sustainable life in urban settlements. Smart cities are the ultimate solution to this problem.






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