Today, there is not even a single person without owing the mobile phone and it is also fact that the features that are in the mobile are also well known to the people. In maximum mobiles the features that are in it are almost common and few of the games and there are some new video applications. For you it is good news that there is new software that is letting you have many applications that are very entertaining and also important for using in your personal work. It is the iphone spy app that is very much present online and the application that this application is consists of are spy apps, facebook spy, call spy, spy tracker and the text spy. From all of these the very first and also very useful and interesting application is the text spy.

In this it is common that the text that you can write edit and also have the things and words that you can easily customize and you are also getting this application for free to download from the spy website. In this not only the text that you are able to receive or send after writing but you are also able to get the text that is written in other mobile and you will easily take that text in to your mobile and the person will not come to know about the text that you have taken from his mobile. It is very useful and also many people are using it for getting the text for their articles, text that is useful for the office and the text work that is very important that you have to show to your boss and many more function that this application is having.


This spy software have brought this text application for people to have the ease from the text and can get numerous of text from other mobile and helps you to take the text that are related one where you needed. Getting the text from other mobile without informing the person whom you are taking the written text is not a good thing but making the changes and you are able to create your own text will be very easy because the text spy that you have taken will let you have the knowledge of writing the text and you can create the new text with your own text.

This new software is spy that is providing this new application and in order to get the application then first you have to download the software spy in your smart phone and when you install this software then the other application including the text spy will automatically start running in your mobile. For sending and receiving the text messaging this application is very special and you will be able to send the message in very fast way and even you are able to receive it in very fast. If you are having old mobile then take the application along with the software free from the internet.






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