The useful software to recover the lost data on your Android device

Most of the people nowadays are using the android phones, but sometimes they may lose their data, such as photos, contacts, text messages, call history, WhatsApp history, audios, videos, and many other accidentally. Then, at this time, it is not necessary to worry about whether the data can be retrieved or not, this is because there is a lot of highly advanced user-friendly software that is being developed nowadays. This software is completely tested and reviewed and are safe to use on your Android phone, they are also easily available for the Android users on the internet.  The android data recovery application helps in restoring your data back to your Android phone, the recovering process is also very fast and the recovered files are saved in your mobile or in the computer automatically. There are a lot of best Android Data Recovery applications that are developed and are easy to use, and many are available for free on the internet.

What are the features of the Android data recovery software?

  • Recovers the lost data in different kinds of devices having the base as an android.
  • It helps in recovering the deleted or lost data even if they are in different file formats.
  • The android data recovery software works in the different kinds data loss conditions such as virus attacks, malfunction of the software, human error, hacked android device logically, accidental deletion of the data files and folders and also even in the other kinds of data loss conditions.
  • It works with various kinds of devices like android mobile phones, tablet, and other android technology devices.
  • The android data recovery software can be easily operated even if the user is not technically good thereby providing the user-friendly Graphical User Interface.

Mobile Data Recovery

How do the software works?

    Now let us have a look on, how to recover deleted photos from Android that are deleted accidentally. Actually, the process is very easy and does not require the highly advanced technical knowledge. The android data recovery software supports any kind of software like Samsung, MOTO, HTC, Sony, LG, etc. Here are the few simple steps that are followed while recovering the data that are lost.

Step 1- Connecting your Android device: First the user may have to download, install and run the software. Then, the user should connect the android device to the computer through USB cable this specialized software will recognize the device automatically and loads the basic information of the device.

Step 2- Enabling the USB debugging mode: In order to recover the deleted photos from an android, the USB debugging has to be enabled and the super-user authorization has to be allowed, only then the software can have the right to analyze the data which is present on your device.

Step 3- Scanning the deleted photos: The third step is to select the gallery and click on the scan option to find the deleted or lost photos on your Android device.

Step 4- Recovering the deleted photos on your Android device, which is done by clicking on the recovery button.







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