Unclaimed Google Business

Why you should check and update your google business listing? Find out here

As we go further to the new digital age, we also create a more noticeable presence of ourselves online which could help us also in a lot of things, including in improving our business, for having to engage and interact to a lot of people who are also shifted to the online world.

To start off, a lot of businesses put up websites to promote their products and services and to provide a much more convenient way to transact with their customers and vice versa, however, these days just having a website is not really good enough because of competition and some considerable factors.

You should always think ahead and always step one foot forward. During this process, you should frequently ask yourself on how do the consumers find your business website because nowadays, websites particularly those that are fun for business purposes are often optimized in search engines. There is a big percentage that your website was found by a customer through a search engine.

It is very common that someone searches for business within their area or location so that it will be easier for them to transact with the product or service that they desire to have.

A lot of other businesses do not have their own web pages, while others have their own but not as represented as it seems to be that is why claiming and monitoring your Google local page will surely add benefits to your business because of traffic. This means that a lot of people will take notice of your page as it appears frequently on Google’s search engine.

Unclaimed Google Business

Google’s local listing provides you a short list or even a complete list of business phone books that are located within your area whenever a consumer or a customer look them up via Google, and this has been used for years already and is consistently improving as the technology continues to get more advanced and more convenient.

However, due to the magnitude of businesses in terms of numbers that are being listed down by Google, some of its owners are not able to trace it ending up being unclaimed. Unclaimed Google Business listings are the ones where its owners are not aware of it, and most of the time these owners were not able to fill in the information as well as verifying their business.

There is even a news that circulated a few years back that Google will remove all the unclaimed businesses in its listings, but so far nothing happened to these unclaimed Google business listings where just like a normal business listing, it also has its own business name, address, a phone number a link to its website, however, it is not verified or claimed by its owner which makes it another statistic of unclaimed Google business listing that has become a problem for many consumers because they were not able to connect or contact with the business they are trying to transact with because the numbers and information provided are not updated or has already been replaced.






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