Choose us for fast convenient and cost-effective IT solutions

Choose us for fast convenient and cost-effective IT solutions

The most critical element in every organization is data, and it must be handled with care. Sometimes systems fail, and the only solution is for an organization to have a good data management system. That’s why the Source data products Inc. provide a technical solution to data management. For large size and mid-size organization, we offer hosting solutions that allow you to pay for the performance and capacity that you require for your business needs in computing in AS400 systems. Our company is always adding new services as well as products with a client in mind. We provide computing solutions from IBM, Oracle, Microsoft as well as other to ensure that our clients get the support they need in the computing environment whether distributed or hosted.  As a specialty business partner and Premier Managed Services, we offer excellent IBM, Disaster Recovery, iCloud Hosting solutions and exceptional support for all midrange users of BMI products. With the top, most expertise in BMI, iCloud, version upgrade and POWER proficiency provides the maximum data security, a seamless transition and above all the most cost-effective services. If you want to know about the AS400 systems iSeries, that allows you to only pay for hosting capacity/storage and performance that you require. We don’t make clients pay for more for performance and capacity they do not need.

AS400 systems

 Look at these various services that we will provide for you

We offer onsite and offsite support services for various needs, data center services, and software/ hardware consultation. All these services are meant to ensure that our clients get the best information technology value. Our services are done very fast and at cost-effective charges. We have consulting experts that help our staff in areas where challenges arise during projects. The field software specialists, as well as engineers, are certified by top companies such as IBM, HP, Oracle, and Microsoft. Through such certifications, they have received broad training from the major vendors that we have partnered with.

Our upgrade is fast, smooth and helps you save up to $80,000

When it comes to IBM Power upgrades most services provider charge high, and they take longer to provide a complete migration. When you choose us for your computing needs, we give you the smoothest movement for your IBM POWER Server upgrade and help you save between $5000 and $80,000. We don’t overprice, and we don’t oversize your new server. Because our team has complete knowledge of the way technology works, they will do sufficient assessment, and do thorough reviews of the options you have then provide the most appropriate solution for you regarding performance and capacity. Data source products our experts help clients get the appropriate solution for various needs.  Be it BMI Series Server, AS400 Systems, or BMI on POWER upgrade we have it all for you. You don’t need to worry about speed because you can have your ISeries IBM POWER / AS400 systems upgraded with 2 to 3 times of your save time. This means it will only take between 2-4 hours depending on the amount of data you got.  Server migration takes days, but we do it within hours. Yes! It is possible, and we have done it hundreds of times.






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