Easily use cloud400 to protect your Business Application

Easily use cloud400 to protect your Business Application

Backup and disaster recovery plan is very important for your business. There are many reasons why you need recovery plan. In your business, at some points, your data will be at risks. It might be a human error, a machine error or natural disaster. If you need a better and affordable disaster recovery plan then you can choose Cloud400 online backup technology from Source Data products. Cloud400 online backup technology will protect your business after a disaster and provides you a backup. It is a fully integrated data recovery technology to the cloud and backup system.

Through this platform, you can easily get a secure and reliable data recovery solution for your business at a reasonable price. The Source Data Products started their business in 1979 and they are also specializing in technical expertise on the IBM product line. As a premier managed and business partner of IBM, they offer the better data recovery solutions IBM cloud hosting, disaster recovery solutions, and also support to IBM managed users. If you have any query regarding iSeries cloud backup,  then you can contact the experts of SDP and you just need to pay only performance and capacity of their service. Cloud400 high availability that allows your server of recovery to work constantly and you can recover disaster within 10 to 20 minutes. This technology is also providing online service, you can save your data or backup and send it through the internet for your offsite data center that hosts data recovery.

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Working of Cloud400 online backup technology

For online backup, placed VTL at your site: If you want to save your data from any disaster, then you can take help of Cloud400 backup recovery. First, you have to install Virtual Tape Library installation at your side. With the help of VTL, automatically duplication your backed up applications.

  • Cloud400 Swings always in active mode when disaster strikes: With Cloud400 online backup technology, you don’t need to push for saving your data when disaster strikes, it automatically in active mode. It is faster to recover your critical business applications.
  • Your information restores their data center: Through Cloud400, you can remotely recover your data in 6 to 24 hours. With the help of this technology, you can easily save your business, time and money.
  • After completion of restore, connect your network: It helps to connect your branches, employees, and user access to application and data.
  • After sign up their platform for Cloud400, they execute a recovery test to ensure everything is working well.

Cloud400 DR provides various IBM Data recovery plans such as iSeries cloud backup recovery and AS400 disaster recovery that fit for RTO and RPO requirements. If you want more information, then you can contact by email.






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