Everything you need to know about Galaxy S9

Samsung is amazing when it comes to their smartphones. The S series of Samsung Galaxy has always been preferred by the customers. The users are pretty much happy with their previous Galaxy S devices and are hoping to have a new phone with many latest technologies, high-powered processor plus reigning speed. Below are some tremendous pretty and exciting features of Galaxy S9 you would be amazed when get to know about these:


Application for shooting in Galaxy S8+ got a couple of new features. Now the program has more color filters, and also has the opportunity to overlay graphics effects shots that hardly anyone will enjoy. But there is a useful innovation: now the zoomed picture cannot just swipe across the screen, but also by simply dragging up and down the shutter button. A most important innovation was the appearance in the chamber Bixby Vision. It is possible to try his service for image recognition. Bixby Vision is able to recognize and translate the text (though Russian yet), goods, wine, place and probably other things – buttons at the bottom of the screen are constantly changing, depending on what is in the camera’s field of view. While this is nothing more than a toy, but a very good foundation for the future – we are confident that with time, Samsung will be able to finalize the Bixby Vision, and it will be possible to use on a regular basis. Samsung is indulging in innovating this feature in its new S series, i.e. Galaxy S9. The new AI is supposed to be the best of its predecessor smartphones. People’s expectations are very high for its new Galaxy S9’s AI as they have found some faults in AI of Galaxy S8. Wish, it will get overcome by time so that we may enjoy all the S9 features within accurate manner.



The main camera of Galaxy S8+ smartphone has not changed: this is still a 12-megapixel sensor with autofocus and phase of 1 / 2.5 “, which gives the size of one pixel is 1.4 m to provide some advantage novelty, modified software image processing algorithms. That is much but if you shoot rare when taking pictures in low light conditions, a smartphone in such circumstances, there is no difference, most likely will not notice. Happy PLO dick picture gadget is almost impossible to do – the picture is always clear and intense test survey was carried out in an automatic HDR, where the camera selects the best mode for you. Samsung will bring Galaxy S9 next year with more advanced camera technology which will offer 16MP+16MP primary Dual-lens camera and 8MP front camera. The quality of the picture will be heart winning giving the user best UHD shots with lovely colours plus great contrast and sharpness. Not only the user will get the best click with smooth and high details but also get amazing 40 3D frames and effects. The picture will be as sharpened and detailed in the dark as it will be during daylight.

Price and Processor

The price of Galaxy S9 might disappoint you but it’s totally fine in front of its delightful and innovative features. The price of Galaxy S9 might be around 1062USD. The price can be neglected as the high-powered Snapdragon 845 SoC chipset powered the device with a reigning speed. According to an industry insider, Samsung might use the latest processor Exynos 9810 which will definitely be able to increase the demand for the phone.

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