Get Instant Quality Results within short time by FCPX plugins

For many years, Final Cut Pro was the most preferred software for working professionals. Final Cut Pro X has offered many more benefits than what people had expected it to. Over the last few years, the software has achieved a really great reputation in software world. With each passing year, more and more professionalsare adopting FCPX. Due to this rishing popularity of FCPX, more and more plugins are being released. Free fcpx effects are offered by many companies. Here are some of the best Final Cut Pro X plugins that are considered as must-haves plugins for film professionals.

  • mTitle 3D : This plugin is the most used plugin for 3D title effects
  • Color Finale:  With this most useful plugin, you can have a full color grading suite. All of the settings can also be adjusted right within the Final Cut timeline
  • CoreMelt lock and load: This powerful plugin works nearly 12 times faster and more accurate than the FCPX built-in stabilizer. This is a must have plugin for any editor
  • FxFactory Pro: This Fxfactory pro plugin is a solid FCPX plugin toolbox. This plugin consists of various features for effects, transitions, and color adjustments
  • Twixtor: This easy to use Final Cut Pro X plugin is a powerful time remapping tool that makes you slow your sequences to super-slow motion or to ramp them up
  • mObject: This FCPX plugin gives you a wide range of capabilities for working with 3D Objects


These Final cut pro x plugins are available as freebies from many companies. You can find out best Final cut pro x plugins in Stupid Raisins website. This site provides you a pack of Final Cut Pro X transitions that give free fcpx effects which you can readily use to animate graphics, text and clips onto and off the screen. By this plugins, you can also add instant character to logos, graphic elements, text and even for video clips by sliding, skidding, and bouncing them onto and off to the screen. In this site, you can go for a trial before you buy using the sample fcpx versions.

One of the first places to head is to Stupid Raisins website where you can browse and download a bunch of free effects and plugins for FCPX. Stupid Raisins is a curated free FCPX plugins website that provides exclusive, high-quality fcpx plugin effects for use in new and traditional media projects, including videos, audio, films, photos etc.  They work with professional fcpx plugin providers from around the world to ensure their site remains of high quality and continues to constantly expand. With a number of FCPX plugins, Stupid Raisins is the ideal site and one stop destination for a wide variety of Free Final Cut Pro Plugins. By this FCPX plugins and with the tutorial in this website, all at one place, you don’t want to spend all your time searching out how to use these plugins.  Stupid Raisins plugins are also designed to be understandable and quite simple. Quick installation is also possible by using FxFactory app that gets you easy installation. With plug and play functionality, you can just drag and drop these plugins available in the website into your timeline.






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