Know how you look to others with this how old am I

Many of them hate the question, what is your age? The reason why they hate this means they always want to be the teenager but if they look below their age look more attractive and good. Then, everyone will say they are beautiful and they love that type of compliments in their life. Once if they use the technology then you may feel better and good. There are more applications are created for the beauty, once if they search over the internet they get to know about various software and its details.

Several age test app is available online, which shows you the best one to be chosen, here in this how old am I there are more options are available once if you need to know the age of a person, upload their photo and get to know their age with the technology of the Artificial intelligence, it is one of the most recent technology and gives more exact age of a person.

Many can hear the word artificial intelligence, it not only means a technology it something more useful for the robotics technology. Many of them uses this and get more details about the age of the other person, if you have a friend and if you don’t know his or her age than don’t worry or try a lot to get that, post the photo here and get the more detailed view of how it is working.

This is one of the coolest and wonderful app yet created, once if you use this one you will get to know many things about the software, based on several things this software recognizes the micro details in the face and get the accurate results of the person within fraction of seconds, many application has this facility but not all has been modeled to give the right kind of result. Here it uses the Artificial intelligence technology which has been used for several reasons. In artificial technology the sensing is done more perfectly that is the reason, why many of the robots tend to give more coding of the artificial intelligence.

There is no need to have doubt about this, once if you upload a photo or take a phone under here, you will get to know about this result without any doubt, and here it has been tested by so many photos before launching into the user’s place. Once if you have this then you can say others age, which they get more shock if you say their age accurately without any doubt. Under various tests and circumstances it has been proved to give possible and best results, so that it has been launched into the market place.






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