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Let Us Use Technology

Our society has advanced from far. Without technology there could be no schools, hospitals, smartphones, vehicles, just to mention but a few. Technology has brought so many changes in our lives. We experience changes every day. The changes come at a very fast pace. We must admit that these changing moments. It appears the other name for technology is change. Our society has changed for the better. The changes are just too many. It is also possible to single them out one by one. We must accept that the industrial revolution came to make us look better, and for sure we are better off. For those who want to know how to create youtube playlist. The procedures are quite clear on the board for everyone to see. You must, first of all, have an interest in computers, without which it would be impossible to learn about YouTube.

Technology came with so many things. It keeps on maintaining itself every day. Since it updates us it is better than being left without the updates. We are for instance aware of cyber crimes and piracies. We must be on the lookout for the criminals who are everywhere. we must ensure that we take care of. The computers are for our use. But there are those who have taken advantage of computes and the internet. The security agents must ensure they eliminate them one by one. These criminals are just too many. Considering the rate at which the crimes are being committed then it shows we really have reasons to worry. Whatever the case the criminals s seem to be very organized in a way. Some of them compromise security agents. The long arm of the government must make sure it does the necessary.

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To ensure that we have a clear society, We must be on the forefront uplifting the morals and good values of our society. We should not let our kids get exposed to pornography anyhow. We are worried. Technology came in a good way but there are those who have taken advantage of it. Let us ensure we sweep clean all the criminals. What happened to community policing? The security channels must be used to the maximum to ensure we seal all the loopholes used by the criminals then we shall be safe and secure. We must ensure that we watch good and clean videos, not the pirated ones. Our entertainment industry has lost a lot to piracy. The criminals must not be allowed to escape. we must arrest them as fast as possible.

The government has done its bit, and it must continue doing even better. The criminals seem to be determined to cause havoc. We must not allow continuing. The crimes must be noted and tracked. The security agents must use the government machinery better and we can be sure we shall wipe out our society of all the criminals.






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