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Significance of dynamic IP address

Now a day’s IP addresses play a vital role. You can notify being a website owner about the number of visits through IP addresses. Actually this IP addresses are termed as unique code where different systems are interlinked and connected to internet. In this way communication between sender and receiver takes place. So,ip address online acts like a mediator from sender to receiver respectively.

But this unique ip address online may also have an option of allocating alternate addresses for safeguarding respective user’s data.

ip address online

Dynamic addresses:

Actually for each and every pc, it is allocated with a unique and static IP address. But the existence of dynamic address has also brought a huge impact today. These dynamic addresses meant for changing IP addresses. It needs the users for modifying settings on their pc. In short, it is consumed like alternative IP addresses allocated by third parties like VPN providers, proxy web servers those who provide proxy IP addresses.


This kind of IP addressing reduces the risk of security and it is very less cost expensive compared to static IP address. Here a new alternative IP address is provided to the user for every login’s.In this addresses, you are not required to so network configuration.


This kind of IP addressing is not enabled for especially while playing online games and in VPN. This addressing is not very comfortable. The services they provide may interrupt while you are playing online games with this dynamic IP address allocation.


Hence it acts like a temporary IP address to their users. In fact, it is by default and automatically connected to the network with the help of DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) servers. There is no requirement of network configuration separately. In fact, these dynamic IP addresses which are allocated to you will be traced out very easily but it does not trace you directly and it only traces your internet service provider only. But tracing out person’s IP addresses is illegal. So compared to dynamic, static IP addresses are advisable to the users and it is essentially preferable too. If you find any illegal activities like while some other person are misusing your IP address and all; file a complaint to the higher officials of cyber crime branch. Moreover maintaining alternative IP addresses are safe for providing security to your confidential files and data that are saved in your emails and all.





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