How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

The Easiest Origami Paper Airplane Ever

Small brief about Origami

Origami is nothing but paper folding techniques that keeps the kids and even adults occupied in their free time. It makes an excellent hobby and a wonderful group activity. It promotes hand coordination and a great innovation to your creative skills. What are the origami folding that you have tried so far? A butterfly, a chair, a table, a lily flower, a little boat or a best paper airplane glider? Hope you have tried making any of them with simple folding using the little piece of paper that lies at your desk!

Step-by-step tutorial

If you have not given a try to any of these origami paper folding, then come on. Let us start with the easiest origami best paper airplane ever! This is a step by step tutorial which gives clear and crisp information as to how you must make the paper folding to make your cute little airplane.

How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

  1. Take a rectangular letter size piece of color paper from your art shelf. If you even have a white writing paper, it is fine.
  2. Fold it into half in the lengthy side to make a long fold.
  3. Open it up! Now fold one side of the top corners on either side and make it meet at the center of the crease. Now you paper has a pointed triangle on one side, right?
  4. Turn the paper upside down now. Fold the triangle towards you on the topside and make it lie flat on the remaining part of the rectangle facing you.
  5. Now comes the careful part! take the top left corner of the triangle and fold it towards the center line for about half inch. Repeat the same step on the other side as well.
  6. Now raise the tip of the underlying triangle and bent it as far as the previous folding meets.
  7. Fold the airplane into half now.
  8. Now let us make the two wings. Fold the top end of the wing till it meets the center line. Turnover and repeat for the other wing as well.

Voila! Your done! Tighten at all the crease to make the airplane flat at all the folding. Hold the body of the airplane, raise your hand high in air and fly your easy paper airplane that will glide so smoothly into the blue sky!

Origami is a fun activity and keeps the kids engaged for long time and avoids screen time! Definitely worth the try!






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