The world’s smallest 5G-capable iPhone 12 mini ..?

Now the apple company has created a new technology that is very high class, apple has released a new OS called i with the Apple A14 Bionic chipset, this is the latest OS from the old version which was upgraded, the old version alone is very cool and very sophisticated especially now it brings up the latest version, heard that this OS will be paired with their latest smartphone product, the iPhone 12 series which will be released this year, who doesn’t know this reliable product from Apple.

products from Apple are indeed very ideal for young people who really want to have them, especially besides that now the buy iPhone 12 offers comes with their fastest chiset, which makes this very cool and very tough.

To buy an iPhone 12 does need a struggle, because every product from Apple is classified as high class and very expensive, but you don’t worry because you won’t regret it because this product is very reliable and very classy, ​​you won’t regret buying it because iPhone 12 is equipped with advanced features that make everyone satisfied.

iPhone 12 is the highest current series that will be released by Apple and it makes you really cool, this technology is so classy that today’s young people really want to buy it.

many online shops / platforms provide it and they provide many color variants at affordable prices and this is very easy for you especially during a covid pandemic like this

In the newly released iPhone 12, there are many advantages and disadvantages.

Below we will investigate one by one what are the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 12.

IPhone 12 Specifications:

  • Fingerprint sensor, in this iPHone 12, is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that makes it easier for users to operate their smartphone.
  • The Front Camera is different from the previously released iPhone series on the market.
  • For networks, this smartphone from the Apple company has 5 networks to access the internet on the smartphone.
  • The hardware used has also been modified using Qualcomm Technology.
  • The performance or system on the iPhone 12 is more smooth and easy than the iPhone 11.
  • Regarding charging problems, the iPhone 12 is certainly equipped with fast charging of course.
  • The screen carried by the iPhone also has a good refresh rate of 120 Hz
  • The iPhone screen is on par with the iPad pro screen in quality.
  • iPhone 12 also adopts the promotion display feature which allows the iPhone screen to save battery






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