Video Advertising & Emerging Markets

The past few years have led to endless changes in the world of digital marketing. The introduction of national advertising formats, content marketing and the war on toolbars and downloads. The switch to programmatic media trading to the competition and increase in video advertising by using YouTube.It all adds up to big stream of opportunities that might be difficult to grasp for many people.

These changes have triggered large advertising networks to quickly adapt and think more quickly about their strategy and assets. We have seen ad performance networks that have acquired technology companies to have an edge over their competitors, as well as smaller companies used for buying youtube views fast and without any hassle, and choosing the effective one really does matter.

On the other hand, we have seen industry giants get started and get more involved in advertising models outside of their comfort zone or their major assets (Facebook Acquires Live Rail, Verizon acquires AOL, Yahoo gets Bright Role and Group M receives Trade Desk).

In the end, it encourages inventors of fast-paced innovation, entrepreneurs, and media personnel to seek a “blue ocean” where they can be on the market and create a real asset. The first point of view is the most attractive markets in the short term and focuses on creating a long-term revolution.

After the growth of fireworks in video advertising in Level 1 markets over the years and with the help of other components of the digital ecosystem (Netflix, Vimeo, Dailymotion in a few names) Video advertising becomes increasingly attractive in emerging markets. The figures strongly encourage the content of the video to be consumed and, due to the lack of competition in YouTube as the main source of content consumption. Video is available all kinds of publishers who cannot purchase video content or pay high-quality video technology to work for its users. If this happens and they choose to win video content, it’s embedded content from the player / YouTube.

Another interesting route leading to the level of 1 country in the last 2 years is Outstream Video. With the offline advertising formats of the IAB, and cooperation between several giants launches its unique utströmningsenhet ( “Play” SpotXchange “In Content” VMG “Inpage” Altitude “Slider”), it starts to start by a great attraction for advertisers (less eCPM to watch videos) and a great opportunity for publishers who do not own video content.

Never be fooled by chance is an undesirable way to educate publishers and advertisers, to face endless objections and to understand other formations of thought and culture. However, if you manage to survive this process successfully, the rewards are powerful – creating a vacuum market eventually becomes a leading market.

This is the perfect time to invest in video advertising in growing markets, which really works in many ways today. Thus, you must be smart and ready for it in a modern way, a good user experience and a high level of awareness raising to the partners.






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