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What is smartphone parental control software ?

Smartphone Parental monitoring software lets you easily monitor your kid’s internet activity no matter where you are you always have access from home. workplace and anywhere on the world as your cloud-based account is accessible from all kind of internet-enabled machines that can be Tab, smartphone or even PC. You can view your kid’s day-to-day activity and can change their settings instantly.

Nowadays more pop parental is not easier to do so. parental monitoring software makes you more comfortable to track your kid’s activity and let them know what to do in an internet world. Get a detailed activity report of your kids on your hand.put your mind at ease knowing what your kids doing on the internet exactly.

With that detailed report, you can get to know what applications they use and what kind of website they visit every day and who they talk to and much more. Also, every internet activity of your kid is recorded for later viewing.


  • Activity monitoring & Recording.

Every activity performed on the computer include exact date and time all will be in your hand. The detailed activity report will really help you to prohibit the unwanted use of the computer.

  • Alert Logging

Every alert that might happen on your computer will be recorded along with an exact date, time and much can place your own content filtering rules for blocking unwanted websites.

  • Application usage logging

Log every application or game  your kids run and also how much time they actually interact with each application so you can easily get to know whether they are interacting with that application or its just running in the background.

parental control apps

  • Chat conversation Logging

 This awesome software will log all Msn messenger, Yahoo, Skype, Hangout, Gmail conversations made by your kids on the computer.Detailed reports of messenger name, the length of the message, sender and the timestamp will be in your hand.

  • Location Logging

It records the Ip address of the computer.Includes IP address, country, state, postal code, Timestamp and much can easily view locations on the map.

  • Security options

 The most parental software allows you to disable or enable to different activities for your kids.These includes disable options to clipboard, clock control, desktop, network, start menu change, shutdown, taskbar, task manager, external drives and much more.

  • Time management

Most software has its time management ability. For each user account on the computer, you can limit the time for accessing. In addition to this, you also have a choice to set ‘maximum allowed time’ for every single day.For instance,  you can allow your kids access to a computer on Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm, but allow a maximum of 5 hours of use between those times.

  • Log downloading & archiving

You can download the log reports of your kids.All you have to do is just hit the ‘download’ button where you can choose the users and data range you need to download. Your downloaded file will be in CSV format so it will be really helpful for you to importing into your favorite smartphone parental control software.






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