What You Should Know Before Downloading GTA San Andreas In your PC

What You Should Know Before Downloading GTA San Andreas In your PC

GTA San Andreas, even just reading it or hearing about it, you know that it’s a good game already, thanks to the GTA badge that is in it. Its certainly not for kids, but if you’re in the right age playing it, you can expect that the game will be fun and interesting. Surely many people are already looking to download the GTA San Andreas free pc game, but before you do, you need to consider a few things prior to downloading and that is to prep for download.

Its always been a good practice to prep for any download no matter how small or big your downloading is since the success of you downloading and loading the game relies on it, aside from that you also need to satisfy the game requirements in order to load and play it. If this is your first time trying to download the game, below are a few things that you need to remember in order to be able to download the game successfully, load it and play it without any problems.

GTA San Andreas free pc

Download with ethernet connection: The most stable connection has always been ethernet connection since its fast, reliable and you can surely complete the download. Unlike WiFi where in there are so many factors that can affect its download, ethernet doesn’t. So before you download a heavy game like GTA San Andreas, at least have a wired connection set up to complete the download. Aside from that, any interference while your downloading can result to a bad data that will need to be repeated again in order to run.

Read the minimum requirement: Before you try downloading the game, you need to check first if your system and hardware requirements are in par on what is required to download, load and play the game. These details can easily be sourced online or where you’re downloading the game. The requirements are found below:

  • Your CPU should be Pentium 4 or Athlon XP or higher
  • CPU is clocked at 2 GHz or higher
  • Your should be RAM: 384 MB or higher
  • Your OS: Windows 2000/XP or higher
  • Your video card should have 128 MB DirectX 9.0c compliant video card (like the likes of NVIDIA GeForce 6 series)
  • You should have a free disk space of 4.7 GB or higher

Have a full battery or wired: A game as heavy as GTA San Andreas and given how it your internet will easily drain your battery, you should make sure that you have a 100% fully charged the battery if you’re downloading using your laptop or just plug it in for good measure. The last thing you want is to reach a 99% download and your computer will shut down because it lacks juice, that won’t be good enough and you won’t another option in fixing it other than downloading the game again.

Many people have found playing GTA to be fun especially the well known GTA San Andreas. If you’ve been dying to play the game, you should be happy to know that there is a service that offers a GTA San Andreas free download for your PC. But before you start downloading from the site, you need to consider a few things like the ones listed above.






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